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Nutty Stik Mix

Price: £12.00

3Kg Bag: The Nutty one has crushed tigers, roasted peanut meal, binders, soluble milk powders and birdfoods. Each has its own dedicated active glug. This can be flavoured to match your boilies upon request free of charge.

Our stik mixes are not just breadcrumb based carrier mixes they are food based and give off powerful natural attraction. They are perfect for making mesh stiks or pva bagging.

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We like to get a good supply of PVA stiks made up before we go fishing as it means you can get the rods out on arrival at the water without the worry of bad weather and time restraints holding you back as you have to make up your parcels of goodness!

Blend your chosen stik mix with some of the matching Active Liquids and compress tightly in your chosen PVA stocking. For a real bait boost in winter put your readymade stiks in a flat tub (maggot box is good) and then pour more of the active liquid over the stiks.

Close the lid, give it a gentle shake and on arrival you’ll have some high attract stiks ready to clip on and get straight in the water!