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Price: £7.50 - £115.00

Multi-meat STIK is a slightly different bait. It contains milk proteins, fishmeals, birdfoods, meat powders, liver extract and yeasts. This bait has found a lot of favour with the Chub and Barbel anglers as well as carp men.

It has produced Barbel to 18lb+, Chub to 7lb+ and Bream to 15lb+. A good tip for the coarse angler is to use a piece of stik with a Multimeat paste wrap creating a large hookbait allowing the paste to breakdown by natural means flooding the area with particles and scent trails.

The STIKS are 5’’ long sausages; just break a piece off and hair rig it. If you are looking for a bait with a slightly different make up then give this one a try.

Although we suggest the multi-meat as the ideal STIK BAIT when barbel fishing ALL of our base mixes are available as STIKS too if you want to try something a bit different to the norm!

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MULTI_MEAT Ingredients:

  • Rennet casein
  • Lactalbumin
  • Sardine and anchovy meal
  • Tuna Meal
  • Pre digested fishmeal
  • Kelp powder
  • CLO Birdfood
  • Yellow Birdfood
  • Liver extract
  • Spicy Beef Powder
  • Top quality salmon oil
  • Liver Extract
  • Yeasts
  • Our own exclusive spicy frankfurter flavour and oil