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Ultra Nut Mix

Price: £35.00 - £150.00

Ultra Nut Mix is a very high quality digestable nut based boilie. It utilises part of our Fenspice recipe in its make up so it is a nut bait with fish and shellfish extracts alongside liquid yeast and granular kelp powder. For 2016 we have included Silkworm Meal at 10% into the bait. This ups its nutritional quality a lot!! Silkworm meal is slightly lower in protein than fishmeal but is rich in fat, amino acids and is very nutritional. As a side effect it tastes great, smells great and has a crunch!!

A very different nut bait to the norm in both nutrition and quality. If you are a fan of nut baits then this is the one to use!!


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  • Rennet casein
  • Calcium caseinate
  • Crushed tiger nuts
  • Roasted peanut meal
  • Maize protein
  • Calf gold
  • Milkylac
  • CBS eggfood blend
  • Pre digested fishmeal
  • Granular kelp powder
  • Full oil green lipped mussel extract
  • Enzyme active yeast liquid
  • Our own exclusive MCM flavour
  • Tiger nut liquid
  • 10% Silkworm Meal

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