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Red Baron

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As mentioned Red Baron was first formulated way back in 1992 by myself and my angling friends of the day. Prior to this throughout the 1980's we had primarily used full blown milk protein baits. This was followed by milk protein/birdfood boilies. We then obtained some fishmeals and fish oils and rolled up a few test batches. What struck us at the time was how different the fishmeal bait was to all of the baits that we had used before, but the main thing was how the carp reacted to it. From the off our we were catching 5 or 6 times the amount of carp that we were doing on baits that we had used before proving that the carp had a liking for fishmeals. Another noticeable thing was the bait seemed to work better the more that we introduced which was a total change from the milk proteins.

Red Baron is basically a milk protein, birdfood, fishmeal combination with a few little extras to really bring it alive. It catches well here and on the continent and just keeps catching. As I said it is over 20 years since the recipe was first devised and the bait shows no sign of slowing down. If you are going to France it should be your first choice bait!!

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  • Rennet casein
  • Lactalbumin
  • South American fishmeal
  • Salmon meal
  • North Atlantic fishmeal
  • Our exclusive Pepperspice
  • CBS eggfood mix
  • Maize protein
  • Calf gold milk powder
  • Lactose
  • Squid and liver powder
  • Blood cells
  • Red Salmon oil
  • Squid and Plum flavour

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