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Fenspice Special

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As you can see from the ingredient profile of Fenspice there are 17 different ingredients and liquids plus eggs present in the recipe. This very successful combination of ingredients was arrived at through 25 years of experience using fishmeal products. Fenspice is a step on from our very successful Red Baron, testing was carried out from 2005 until its release in 2011. This testing was carried out on silty meres, windswept gravel pits and a very deep clay pit so a huge variety and types of waters. It proved to be an instant bait wherever it was tries catching from the off.

We first used the milk protein/fishmeal/birdfood combination way back in the early 1990's and have always been trying new products in this type of bait along the way. The refined milk protein content is high in protein and amino acids, the fishmeals add protein, taste and oils, the pre digested fishmeal is a very important part of the bait as it is 80% soluble. The spices are used to enhance the taste of the bait, also they contain various substances that are good for the carps health. Kelp adds taste alongside vitamins and minerals. The krill part of the bait is there because of its attraction properties, it again contains a large spread of amino acids and adds buoyancy to the bait. Our krill liquid is a highly stimulatory product. It is rich in taste and like its powdered counterpart is full of amino acids. We add insect meal because carp like it!! Insect meal is rich in vitamins and minerals, and strangely contains insects!! The special part of the bait is the high level GLM/Liver combination. We have used these two products since the 1980's and make no mistake they are at the top of the tree as far as big carp attractors go. Two very important things to be aware of with these products are the levels need to be at the optimum amount and most important the two of them need to be the highest quality available. You need not worry because we have taken care of these two very important points for you.

To finish the bait off nicely we add essential oils and our own spice liquid. A little red salmon oil is added as well to add a bit of energy.

For 2015 we have decided to offer Fenspice in Peach and Pepper flavour as well as the normal spicey version. When we started testing Fenspice back in 2006 Peach and Pepper was the first attractor laben that we used with it. Peach and Pepper Fenspice is a personal favourite of ours so if you want a slightly different Fenspice give it a try!! Be assured you will not be disappointed!!

To sum up Fenspice is an instant bait that works from the off in any water here and on the continent. It is an excellent food source for the carp and helps them with their well being which is very important for us.

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  • Rennet casein,
  • Lactalbumin,
  • Salmon meal,
  • South American fishmeal
  • Low temperature fishmeal,
  • Pre digested fishmeal
  • Pepperspice,
  • Krill meal
  • Calf gold,
  • Maize protein, 
  • Granular kelp meal,
  • Full oil Green Lipped Mussel powder/ Dessicated liver powder (10%)
  • Essential oils,
  • Red salmon oil,
  • Hydrolised krill liquid,
  • Exclusive spice blend,
  • Essential oils
  • CBS birdfood mix
  • Brococell

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