Custom Bait Making Service 

‘Custom by name, Custom by nature’ 

Have you ever thought of designing your own bait? As the name Custom Bait Services implies we can offer a custom designed bait to suit you. We don’t buy into the theory of certain lakes being dominated by one bait, we believe carp will seek out the best food that is available and seeing how we only produce top quality food baits this is where either one of our freezer baits or a custom designed bait score so heavily. 

As an example a few of our customers use one of our base mixes but have a favourite flavour of theirs used instead of the standard flavour for that bait. This is the simplest way of customising a bait. Others will use a combination of our base mixes, say 70% Fenspice and 30% Nut Mix, or you could drop 50% of the fishmeal in Red Baron and substitute it with ground tiger nuts, or use the base mix as it is but add 5% crushed hemp. The possibilities are endless. 

So if you are interested in this service, or are maybe thinking about having your own bait designed, give us a call and discuss your requirements. We are here to help you catch carp, and big carp as well!! 

Another way is for one person to use it on a water or maybe get a group of 4 or 5 on it. The advantages of this are no one else will be using the bait. As you and us are the only ones to know the recipe no one else has any chance of copying the bait. If you order a customised bait from us the ingredients will be confidential between us. 

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